Sports retailers and brands pleased by Christmas trading results

Major retailers and brands in the sporting and active lifestyle sector have indicated they, for the most part, had a successful Christmas and post-Christmas trading period, according to a snapshot poll taken by the Australian Sporting Goods Association.

The short survey, of only four questions, asked the leaders of 16 major retailers and brands how they did over the Christmas and post-Christmas sales period. This is the first time ASGA has done such a survey and we were pleased that a majority of those companies – 11 in total – responded to the survey.

Of the 11, seven said their “Christmas 2017 profits were better than their Christmas 2016 profits”, while three said they did worse (one didn’t respond to this specific question).

For most of the respondents (seven), the majority of their sales came before Christmas, with only three saying they did better in the post-Christmas sales (again, one didn’t respond to this specific question).

Eight of the 11 used a discounting strategy in their post-Christmas sales (defined as discounting the majority of their products by more than 20 per cent), but interestingly three did not.

The vast majority of respondents are bullish about the year ahead, with nine of the 11 saying they expect to do better in 2018 than they did in 2017. Only two respondents said they expect to do worse.

Executive Director of the Australian Sporting Goods Association, Shannon Walker, said “This poll was designed to get the leaders of the industry to give their thoughts on how the sector performed over Christmas. It is not statistically valid – it’s not designed to be – but it does give a good overview of how the leaders of the sector thought they performed.”

“We believe this kind of snapshot – taking the pulse of the sporting and active lifestyle sector – is a valuable tool for members and non-members and we will be undertaking more of this type of research in the future.”

The poll was sent to a mix of ASGA members and non-members, brands and retailers, who run either bricks and mortar or online stores (or both).

The Australian Sporting Goods Association was formed in 1981 as the industry association representing a broad spectrum of sporting goods and active lifestyle industry participants, including manufacturers, importers, wholesalers and retailers.

ASGA is a leading industry voice on issues impacting the health, trade, regulation and taxation of the sporting and active lifestyle industries. ASGA aims to foster market growth, provide services and advocate for increased participation in sport and physical activity.