Sports Participation

As seen in our Mission Statement, ASGA’s role is to grow Australia’s sporting and active lifestyle goods industry by encouraging Australians to participate in sport and an active lifestyle.

Our mission has both moral and commercial imperatives. Obviously, as an industry association we want people to play more sport, because then they will purchase more sporting and active lifestyle goods, which is great for our members.

Even more important is the moral imperative. As noted by the international action plan Designed to Move, Australia, like the rest of the world, is facing a global physical inactivity crisis. The current generation of children is the first to have a life expectancy shorter than their parents. Physical inactivity increases the risk of non-communicable and preventable diseases like Type 2 Diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, strokes and cancers.

Physical Activity is a solution that anyone with a body can afford. An investment in physical activity can be considered an investment in crime reduction, public health, educational attainment and workplace productivity.

ASGA works with all levels of Government and other stakeholders to increase the participation rates for sport and physical activity. The list below includes some of our successes and some of the things we are still working on with each level of Government and other stakeholders.

Federal Government
• More funding for sports participation programs
• Increased funding for National Sporting Organisations
• Flipping the ‘Elite’ vs ‘Participation’ funding model
• Three-year funding for the Sporting Schools Initiative
• Regular research into sport participation
• Golf as a preventative health activity for older Australians
• Supporting the ‘Fit not FBT’ campaign by Fitness Australia
• Sport and PE in the National School Curriculum

State Governments
• More funding for sports facilities and infrastructure
• Funding for local sport clubs
• Reducing costs and other barriers of entry for children’s sport participation
• Recognising and campaigning for sport and physical activity as a preventative health measure
• Sport and PE in schools

Local Government
• Improving community sports facilities
• Better lighting and footpath maintenance for local parks
• Reducing barriers to use parks and local sports grounds for commercial or unstructured sport and physical activity.

ASGA is always keen to work with other organisations who have the goal of increasing physical activity and sport participation in Australia, so please contact Shannon Walker on 03 9320 2655 if you would like to discuss opportunities.