Sporting Goods Brand Health Study 2017


The Australian Sporting Goods Association is pleased to support the 2017 Sporting Goods Brand Health research study. Conducted by 10 THOUSAND FEET, the study is scheduled for launch in early November 2017.

The Sporting Goods Brand Health study provides a holistic understanding of where your brand stands in the market from a consumers’ perspective. The research is presented in an interactive dashboard, enabling you to see gaps that exist with different target consumer groups and to understand where you sit within the competitive landscape.

Given 10 THOUSAND FEET’s role as ASGA’s research partner for the quarterly market surveys, for ASGA member subscribers, 10 THOUSAND FEET is able to contrast dimensions of your brand health with ASGA sales data. This ability to synthesise brand health metrics with sales data gives you an insight into the importance of different parts of the brand funnel on your sales.

In this study 10 THOUSAND FEET also offers subscribers the opportunity to dive deep into the online usage and behaviour of sporting goods consumers.

For more information contact the team at 10 THOUSAND FEET at or 02 8080 7544