September 2013 Newsletter

Shannon HeadshotExecutive Director’s Report

I’m pleased to announce that Greg Kerr, Managing Director of adidas Pacific has been elected by the Board as ASGA chair. Greg’s been an ASGA Board director for a number of years and replaces Paul Faulkner as chair of the Association.

On behalf of the members and the entire sporting goods industry I’d like to congratulate Greg on his appointment and I look forward to working with him for the benefit of the entire sporting and active lifestyle goods sector.

On another note, as you would have noticed, the election a couple of weeks ago has resulted in a change of government for Australia. ASGA is strictly non-partisan. We’re happy to work with whoever is in government and, in fact, happy to work with whoever is in Parliament, if that means encouraging more Australians to be physically active and improving legislation for our members.

On behalf of the sector I’d like to congratulate Prime Minister Abbott and his team. I am particularly pleased the new Prime Minister wants Australians to be more interested in sports. As long as he’s talking about people playing sport, rather than just watching it, I think every ASGA member will be in favour of that sentiment!

I’d also like to congratulate Peter Dutton for taking on the sports portfolio, in addition to the health portfolio. I’ve no doubt Minister Dutton will do an excellent job and I look forward to working with him in the future.

The decision by the new Coalition Government to link health and sport shows a very real understanding of how sport and physical activity can have an enormous influence on health outcomes for Australians. They are to be commended for putting the two portfolios together.

While we are congratulating people, a big congratulations has to go to Wayne Dropulich, the likely new Senator for Western Australia and the Australian Sports Party (assuming preferences continue to flow his way). Whatever you may think of the electoral system that got him there, the fact is that Mr Dropulich and the Australian Sports Party ran on ideas the sporting goods sector can heartily support. They, like we, want more people to play more sport. The probable Senator-elect, like all of us, knows that healthy and active Australians lead to a healthy and active society.

The new Senator won’t start until 1 July next year, but, assuming he is elected, ASGA will be talking to Mr Dropulich as soon as we can to work out how to help the Australian Sports Party achieve their increased sports-participation goals.

Of course, we’ll also be talking to the new government, particularly Minister Dutton, about all the issues of interest to ASGA members.

ASTN LogoThe New Sports Playing Field – ASGA / ASTN joint Annual Conference

The Australian Sporting Goods Association (ASGA) and the Australian Sports Technologies Network (ASTN) are pleased to announce the first ever co-hosted Conference of the sports technologies and sports wholesaling and retailing industries in Australia.

The Conference will be held at Moonee Valley Racecourse, Melbourne, on Monday 14th October. Its theme, ‘The New Sports Playing Field’, is a reflection of the increasing convergence between sports product innovation, sports digital innovation and the sports consumer.

New technologies are changing the face of sport – whether it be innovations in protective wear, performance apparel, equipment or wearable devices. In many instances our sports retailers, distributors and wholesalers will be the main connection to the sports consumer market for these product innovations.

Online, mobile and e-commerce solutions relating to sport are growing at a rate never before seen. To this end, digital platforms and devices are also changing the way we engage with our sports participants, fans and consumers, and are providing both opportunities and challenges for industry participants.

The Conference will host an unrivalled mix of delegates from across Australia’s sports eco-system – from national sporting organisations, community sports organisations, sports retailers and wholesalers, sports manufacturers, sports technology businesses and researchers, entrepreneurs, investors and government representatives.

The Conference program will explore the opportunities and the challenges that exist for Australia’s sport technologies and sports retailing industry. Presented by leaders of industry the Conference will examine everything from consumer trends and behaviours and changes in the sports retailing landscape to future sports technology hotspots and the power of sports analytics and social media.

ASGA is also pleased to welcome international keynote, Dr Erez Morag to our shores. Often referred to as the Nike ‘Game-Changer’ Dr. Morag contributed to an unprecedented four start-ups heading Innovation Research for Nike HQ in Oregon from 1998-2011. He will provide unparalleled insights into sports product and business innovation.

InfotooLgoThe Conference is proudly supported by Infotoo. Based in Hong Kong & Australia, Infotoo is one of the world leading experts in brand protection technology.  They have recently developed a new, fully-patented range of anti-counterfeit technologies named CertiEye – an innovative smartphone based solution that is markedly superior to existing technologies used against counterfeiters worldwide.

CertiEye’s free mobile application is used to scan a printed mark and allows the end consumer, brand protection officer or law enforcement authority to authenticate products instantly by simply using their smartphone.  Other functionalities of CertiEye include secure product tracking, online brand protection, social media monitoring and targeted brand promotions.

Conference Prices:

Early-Bird Rate: $150 (inc GST).

Registrations after 30 September: $180 (inc GST).

Conference Details & RSVPs:

Shannon Walker – (03) 9320 2655 or email

asga_logo-square_1ASGA Annual General Meeting

Immediately following the Conference, ASGA will hold its Annual General Meeting. The AGM is an opportunity for members to hear about how the Association has gone over the previous 12 months and learn about future plans.

Importantly, it is also an opportunity for members to vote on who should be Board directors and, this year, vote on a new constitution. ASGA is incorporated under the Victorian Associations Incorporation Reform Act 2012, which replaced the old Associations Incorporations Act 1981. The changes to the legislation, while not requiring a new constitution for ASGA, do suggest that now would be a good time to update the old constitution, to bring it in line with the new legislation and with how the association is actually managed.

I strongly encourage all members to attend the AGM and if you are not yet a member, to come along to both the Conference and the AGM.

The AGM papers, including the proposed constitution and a request for nominations for four Board positions (two retail and two wholesale positions) will be sent to members in the next few days.

If you’d like more information about ASGA membership please call Shannon Walker on 03 9320 2655 or email

SSA_LogoService Skills Australia and the Retail Workforce Study

As executive director of ASGA I’ve recently been appointed to the industry advisory committee of Service Skills Australia, the national body responsible for designing the curriculum for training and skills development for the wholesale and retail sectors.

As part of that role I will be making a submission to the Australian Workforce and Productivity Agency (AWPA) and Service Skills Australia’s (SSA) Retail Workforce Study. The aim of this study is to identify and address skills and training issues for the industry as a whole, for enterprises and for individuals.

ASGA members and companies involved in the sporting and active lifestyle goods industries are invited to either make a submission themselves or contact ASGA to have your say. Submissions are due on Friday 4 October.

The key objectives of this study are to:

  • Examine factors affecting industry workforce needs over the coming 5-10 years, including changing demographics, opportunities arising from the Asian century, economic change, technology, and human capital
  • Analyse sources of skill supply and demand into the future
  • Identify specific issues in relation to skill supply and demand and skills formation.

To encourage discussion around the issues facing the retail workforce AWPA and SSA have released an issues paper, which notes the “retail industry employs more than 10 per cent of the entire Australian workforce and is the second-largest employing industry in Australia…”

If you would like to contribute to ASGA’s submission, please contact If you would like to respond directly, please contact


CHOICE_logoCan you spot a fake online?

Consumer action group CHOICE has investigated the booming global trade in counterfeit products, which is estimated to generate AU$272 billion annually as consumers fall for dodgy designer knock-offs and sophisticated copies.

Last year the Australian Customs and Border Protection Service seized more than 700,000 counterfeit products with a total estimated value of AU$48.5million (based on equivalent value of genuine goods).

Sporting goods companies have the opportunity to get involved with ASGA’s anti-counterfeiting campaign.

ASGA has partnered with the Australian Retailers Association, other industry associations and law firm Corrs Chambers Westgarth to start an anti-counterfeiting campaign aimed at improving Australia’s anti-counterfeiting laws.

 We hope to achieve the following changes to the administrative processes and to the law:

  • Increased number of Customs officers dedicated to identifying and seizing counterfeit products at the border.
  • Refocusing of Customs’ priorities to stop counterfeiting, including ongoing development of “best practices”.
  • Removal of the ‘personal use’ provision in the Trade Marks Act 1995, which provides an exemption in relation to counterfeit products imported for personal use.
  • Introduce a provision on the mandatory passenger cards that requires anyone entering Australia (including returning Australians) to declare they are not carrying any counterfeit products into Australia.
  • Introduce measures to educate the public about counterfeit products, such as by airport signage clarifying that the importation of counterfeit goods is illegal.
  • Clarify of the right of private parties to act as “prosecutors” in cases involving counterfeit products.

For this campaign to be successful we will need your support. Our immediate objective is to collect data from companies in the sporting goods sector about the number of counterfeit seizures there have been of those company’s products and any market information they have about counterfeit products in Australia.

All the information supplied will be confidential, anonymous and aggregated, so no market sensitive information is released.

Once we have that data we’ll be able to go to all the political parties and demonstrate how much damage counterfeiting is actually doing to the Australian economy. When we do, we’ll want to use the strength of the ASGA membership by listing all the companies who support the campaign.

If you’d like to be involved in the campaign, or contribute financially to its success, please contact Shannon Walker on (03) 9320 2655 or email to find out how to get involved.

WELL_Program_logoThe WELL Program

Language, literacy and numeracy are vital skills for the sporting goods sector’s workforce. Service Skills Australia has been contracted by the Australian Government to help businesses in retail and wholesale ensure their employees have a solid grasp of these vital, foundational skills.

The Workplace English, Language and Literacy (WELL) Program provides training that is integrated with vocational training and tailored to meet the needs of your workers and your business.

The WELL Program will work with your business to assist in determining their workforce development needs in foundation skills such as language, literacy, numeracy, computer and communication skills.

The program can help you access government funding to provide this training to your workforce.

Can WELL training help your business and workers?

• Could your team benefit from better communication skills in team situations?

• Are you concerned that your staff can’t read workplace safety signs?

• Are accurate readings of labels, instruments and measurements essential for business success?

• Is good customer interaction and service important for your business growth?

• Do your supervisors struggle with underpinning skills to support their role?

• Do your staff struggle with:

  • basic computer skills?
  • writing orders, reports and other work related necessities?
  • cash handling and other financial transactions?

These skills can be key drivers to productivity gains and higher workplace satisfaction, to say nothing about giving workers increased skills, confidence and access to more career options.

For more information about how to educate your workforce in these vital skills, please visit


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