RFID continues to gather momentum in Australia


ASGA members and friends are invited to the RFID Expo and launch of the RFID Coalition, hosted by GS1 Australia on Thursday 22 March 2018 in Melbourne.

 Last month GS1 and Avery Dennison were proud to present Jonathan Aitken, formerly with Lululemon Athletica, to discuss how the women’s active wear brand implemented RFID across their North American operations.

 The brand has seen significant cost-benefits from implementing RFID, to say nothing of the improved customer experience. By being able to link 99 per cent inventory accuracy to its consumer app, customers can see in near real time what each store’s stock levels are and which store is closest to them. This in itself led to a measurable increase in sales and improved customer satisfaction.

RFID presents an amazing array of opportunities to help solve and improve a raft of existing and well-known retail issues. From stocktake to loss prevention, as well as improving the customer experience, RFID has already proven it can be the foundation for these projects and many more.

The RFID Coalition builds on experiences like those of Lululemon to bring the benefits of RFID to Australian brands and retailers. Current members of the RFID Coalition include ASGA, Nike, Myer, Super Retail Group, Puma and True Alliance, as well as many others.

If you’re interested in learning more about RFID, what the RFID Coalition is all about or talking to a wide range of local and global vendors in this space, then please click here to register.