Member Benefits and Advice

ASGA can offer advice and assistance to members about:

Connecting with other members and the wider community
Each new member of ASGA will have the opportunity to communicate with all ASGA members and our wider e-newsletter subscriber base. When you join you will be asked to update your details on the ASGA Business Directory. We will then use that information to write a media release introducing you to ASGA members. That media release will be sent directly to the CEO / Managing Director of all ASGA member companies. We will also send that media release to the 900+ subscribers on our e-newsletters.

ASGA Boardroom
The ASGA Boardroom at 492 St Kilda Road in Melbourne is available for members to hire for $250 a day. It includes a flexible space with a boardroom table for 16 people; smart TV with laptop connection; kitchen and bathroom facilities; conference phone; whiteboard and catering available on request.

Government relations
If you have a particular issue or concern with any level of Government, from your local Council through to the Commonwealth Government, ASGA can offer advice on how best to approach and work with both elected officials and the public service. From helping you organise meetings with politicians to writing a submission for a government inquiry, ASGA staff have the experience and knowledge to help you achieve your goals.

Crisis and issues management
While many ASGA members will have their own public relations teams, ASGA is able to provide independent advice about how to manage a crisis or issue to keep your company’s reputation intact. Before joining ASGA, executive director Shannon Walker held senior crisis and issues management and advisory roles for politicians, unions, community organisations and utility companies. He has an excellent grasp of how a crisis or issue will unfold in the media and how your company can best manage the fallout. If your business is facing a major crisis or ongoing issue, feel free to give Shannon a call for advice.

Applying for government grants and funding
There are numerous government grants, at both state and federal level, your company may well be eligible for. ASGA has experience in identifying, and assisting companies to apply for, government grants that could have a serious benefit for your business.

Identifying overseas suppliers
ASGA runs an ad hoc ‘introductory service’ for members, in conjunction with sporting goods associations in other countries, that allows Australian distributors (that are ASGA members) and overseas suppliers to facilitate an introduction and bring new business into the country. In addition, we can assist Australian companies find distributors in overseas markets.

Bulletins and Fact Sheets

ASGA produces occasional papers, bulletins and fact sheets about issues of interest to ASGA members, on a variety of topics.

Document Title  Issues Covered  Date Published 
Opportunities and Challenges for Sporting Goods in China Bulletin 2015  Exporting to China  July 2015

Please contact ASGA directly on (03) 9230 2655 or email for more information about these services.