May 2017 Newsletter

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Executive Director’s Report

ASGA supports a Modern Slavery Act in Australia, particularly the provisions around transparency in the global supply chains of Australia’s sporting and active lifestyle goods industry.

On behalf of our members, ASGA has made a submission to the Commonwealth Parliament’s Joint Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade’s Inquiry into a Modern Slavery Act for Australia.

According to the 2016 Global Slavery Index, an estimated 45.8 million people around the world are in some form of modern slavery, which describes a range of exploitative practices including human trafficking, forced labour, wage exploitation, forced marriage and debt bondage.

Several Governments around the world have recently introduced legislative changes to combat modern slavery, most notably the United Kingdom’s Modern Slavery Act 2015, which strengthens anti-slavery laws and introduces new measures to improve transparency in global supply chains.

As noted in our submission, sporting and active lifestyle goods brands have been at the forefront of combating modern slavery for many years. While the actions of individual companies vary, both large and small sporting goods businesses take these issues seriously.

Feedback from our members operating under the UK Act and the Californian Transparency in Supply Chains Act suggests that international best practice is based around the ideas of shining a light on the issue and recognising businesses for doing the right thing.

ASGA members want a level playing field, one where responsible brands and manufacturers can take a leadership role and provide a positive example of corporations that take active steps to combat modern slavery. This seems best served by creating a framework, through legislation, that requires businesses to report on what actions their company has taken to prevent slavery in their supply chains, without being overly prescriptive about what those steps must be.

ASGA strongly recommends that public statements about a business’s efforts to fight slavery, as required by an Australian Modern Slavery Act, be consistent with both the UK and Californian legislation.

We note that modern slavery is still not well understood, and that some countries either turn a blind eye to the practice or do not have the resources in place to deal effectively with these crimes (if indeed they are considered crimes at all). We encourage the Australian government, as part of adopting a Modern Slavery Act, to consider what resources it can commit to the fight, which may include:

  • Research into modern slavery and best practice on how to fight it
  • International aid to countries where these crimes are a significant problem
  • Police and investigative resources to fighting international slavery
  • Collaborating with other jurisdictions on international efforts to fight slavery.

ASGA and our members look forward to working with the Government to draft legislation for an Australian Modern Slavery Act.



The Future of Retail with Erica Berchtold and Julie Stevanja

The head of Rebel and Amart Sports, Erica Berchtold, together with the founder and CEO of Stylerunner, Julie Stevanja, will discuss the future of Australian sporting and active lifestyle retailing at an exciting event in Sydney on Monday 19 June 2017.

The two-hour networking event will run from 5pm to 7pm and will play host to many of Australia’s leading sporting goods retailers, brands and distributors.

As the head of sports at the Super Retail Group, encompassing Rebel and Amart, as well as the President of ASGA, Erica is well placed to lead the discussion of how Australian retailing will meet the challenges of an industry facing serious international competition, from both traditional and online-only retailers.

“Brands and retailers are facing an exciting future in Australia – one that will be challenging to everyone but that will reward innovation and bold thinking. I’m looking forward to sharing the insights we’ve developed at both ASGA and at SRG with the wider industry,” Erica said.

With Stylerunner one of the leading online active wear retailers in Australia, Julie, who is also on the ASGA Board, will focus on exciting developments in the online space and how brands can set themselves apart in a growing but crowded market.

“We’re seeing a real shift in the purchasing power and retail decision-making of female consumers. Brands and retailers need to ensure they are offering a compelling product, innovative marketing, and an enticing retail experience,” Julie said.

The two will discuss the importance of the relationship between brands and retailers. They’ll look at how emerging brands can structure their operations to make the most impact with retailers and consumers.

ASGA Executive Director Shannon Walker will also be on hand to discuss how the industry association can assist members.

ASGA Networking EventThe future of sport and active wear retailing in Australia
Time:    5pm – 7pmCost:      Free 
RSVP: or call 03 9320 2655  
Venue: KPMG – Level 38, Tower 3, 300 Barangaroo Avenue, Sydney.
Date:     Monday 19 June 2017


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Gridiron Australia – Request for quote for uniforms and merchandise

Gridiron Australia (GA) is the governing body of American football (gridiron) in Australia. It is an approved sporting association under federal government regulations and is a member of the International Federation of American Football (IFAF). Seven out of the eight Australian states and territories run leagues; comprising a total of 70 teams consisting of approximately 3000 players.

Gridiron Australia also oversees the country’s national teams, which have competed in several World Cups. It also manages the Junior (U19) National Championships and the Australian Gridiron League (AGL) for both Men and Women.

GA is seeking responses from suitably qualified vendors for the ongoing supply of Uniforms and associated ancillary items required as part of Gridiron Australia’s National Programs including but not limited to the following items:

  • Game Day Uniforms – Home and Away Jerseys, Pants, Socks
  • Game Day Travel Uniform – Polos/ Caps/ Track Suits/ Hoodies
  • Travel uniforms – Representative Blazers
  • Training uniforms including compression gear
  • Coaches uniforms including blazer
  • Equipment bags (Various sizes)

Additional items may be required dependent on campaign location and duration.

In addition, there is a requirement for the vendor to provide access to an online portal for purchase of “Supporters Merchandise” on a “year-round” basis

The successful Vendor will be awarded the following contracts:

  • Provision of uniforms and associated items to the following:
    • Outback Junior (Colts) Team
    • Outback Senior Men’s Team
    • Outback Women’s Team
    • Outback Flag Football Team
  • Provision of uniforms for the Gridiron Australia Board:
    • Polo
    • Dress Shirt/ Blouse
    • Chinos
    • Blazer
    • Tie

The Contract will be awarded for a period of five (5) years based on the successful vendor meeting agreed key performance indicators including but not limited to:

  • Quality of product
  • Provision of products within agreed lead times

The successful vendor will be awarded preferred supplier status within Gridiron Australia and their services promoted within its State and associated Bodies including Officiating Associations.

Vendors are welcome to provide additional proposals they feel will benefit both parties including but not limited to:

  • Sponsorship Arrangements
  • Rebates on agreed purchase volumes

Selection Criteria

The following weightings will be utilised to determine the successful vendor:

  1. Price / Quality 30%
  2. Local Content (Australia) 30%
  3. Payment Terms and commercial Arrangements 10%
  4. Lead times 10%
  5. Other Value (EG. Sponsorship etc.) 20%

Terms & Conditions

  • Suppliers must be able to address all areas of the RFQ
  • Suppliers must provide their requirements regarding branding on products
  • Suppliers must provide their requirements regarding payment terms
  • Suppliers must provide their requirements regarding lead times
  • Suppliers must provide their requirements regarding commercial terms
  • Suppliers must be able to provide samples of products for critical evaluation by the selection panel
  • Suppliers should clearly outline any additional value they feel they can provide

Further details can be obtained from or proposals sent to:

Kevin Wilson –

Closing Date – 5pm (EST), 9th June 2017



MyGolf participation up

MyGolf, Australia’s national junior introductory program, continues to exceed its targets and looks set to raise the bar in the new financial year.

According to an article on the Gold Australia website, participant numbers are up 39 per cent on last year and the number of active centres is up by 16 per cent, with 90 per cent of programs delivered by PGA Professionals. The recent growth has been supported by ‘MyGolf Presents…’ a content marketing campaign that has already featured MyGolf ambassador Jason Day, MyGolf at the ISPS Handa World Super 6 Perth and young MyGolfers Isaac, Siobhan and Adam.

Day’s involvement in particular has provided a great boost for the program, which geographically targets its marketing to support active MyGolf centres.

“It’s great to have Jason on board and he really grabbed the chance to connect with young Australians when we saw him recently,” Golf Australia chief executive Stephen Pitt said.

“Jason’s stories of fetching balls from muddy lakes in Gladstone and watching his young son Dash hit driver have resonated with us all and captured the essence of the MyGolf program.”

The future of the program looks bright, with the joint venture between Golf Australia and the PGA of Australia working hard to lift the value of MyGolf for clubs and facilities around Australia.

“The recent announcement of Minjee Lee as an ambassador for the program emphasises our commitment to female participation, whilst the joint venture board’s decision to fully subsidise the school kit rebate fee (previously $7) means that becoming a MyGolf centre is now effectively free,” PGA of Australia chief executive Gavin Kirkman said.

“We are confident that these initiatives will provide a significant boost in our quest to attract 30,000 Australian children per annum to the MyGolf program by June 2021.”


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Gift cards vulnerable to criminals

Australia’s first risk assessment of stored value cards (SVCs), such as travel and retail gift cards, has revealed how criminals can exploit these seemingly innocent modern technologies for ill-gotten gains, including money laundering and terror financing.

Minister for Justice Michael Keenan recently released the Stored value cards: money laundering and terrorism financing risk assessment report.

In a media release, Minister Keenan said with over 10 million active SVCs worth more than $1.5 billion in Australia alone, this report serves as yet another tool to target and disrupt serious organised crime, including terrorist financing, and identify where preventive measures can be strengthened.

“The report revealed that while SVCs have a ‘medium’ risk across the sector, they have a ‘high’ level of vulnerability to criminal exploitation – the highest vulnerability rating to date in AUSTRAC’s risk assessments program,” Mr Keenan said.

AUSTRAC CEO Paul Jevtovic said the specific features of SVCs have a very significant bearing on the level of money laundering and terrorism financing risk posed.

“SVCs that can be loaded, reloaded and redeemed in cash, carry a higher level of risk than SVCs that do not carry these features,” Mr Jevtovic said.

“SVCs that can be redeemed internationally, such as pre-paid travel cards, carry greater levels of risk than those that can only be redeemed in Australia.

“I encourage all Australian businesses that issue SVCs to familiarise themselves with this risk assessment to ensure their anti-money laundering and counter-terrorism financing systems and processes are effective to protect themselves and the Australian community from criminal misuse.”

For more information please download the Risk Assessment report by AUSTRAC.


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Annual National Sports Convention Awards now open

The Australian Sport, Recreation and Play Innovation Awards have been launched as part of Australia’s largest community sport and recreation convention. The awards recognise individuals, not-for-profits, commercial, recreation and sports sectors and will be presented on Thursday 20th July at the National Sports Convention Industry Awards and Networking Evening. The categories for this year include:

1. PROGRAMS, ACTIVITIES AND EVENTS Innovative programs, activities and events that have been developed to encourage the community to be more active in large numbers.

2. SPORTS TURF Innovative solutions that allow greater intensity and durability of natural, hybrid or synthetic sports fields that allow for greater usage.

3. TECHNOLOGICAL SOLUTIONS AND PRODUCTS Business to business or the business to consumer innovations that encourage more people to play sport or be active.

4. PLAYGROUND DESIGN AND DEVELOPMENT Designs and developments that allow and encourage more children to play, have fun and be active.

5. YOUNG INNOVATOR OF THE YEAR A young person (under 25) who has developed a program, space, activity, technological solution or innovative partnership that is encouraging more people to be active.

6. MARKETING AND COMMUNICATIONS INNOVATIONS The packaging and communication of an opportunity in a manner that has innovatively encouraged more people to be active.

7. FACILITY DESIGN AND DEVELOPMENT Innovative design and management that creates an environment where more people are active (built and natural environments).

8. THE SPORT, RECREATION AND PLAY INDUSTRY AWARD FOR INNOVATION The winner will be chosen from one of the above 7 winners.  

Up to three finalists will be short-listed and invited to the Industry Networking Evening where they will also be able to display their innovations, allowing the industry to celebrate their achievements. Each category will be independently assessed by a panel of industry experts and the award winner will also receive $1,000 and the overall winner a further $2,000. To make a submission for the 2017 awards CLICK HERE.


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Women’s sport to be worth $3.8 billion by 2032

A new report from Accenture, suggests women’s sport in Australia is set to boom, growing to be worth almost $4 billion by 2032.

According to an article on Australian Sponsorship News, the study was authored by a team including Accenture managing director, media and entertainment Scott Dinsdale and Accenture Strategy managing director, Karen White.

White and Dinsdale estimate that women’s sport will quadruple in total value by 2032, from “sub-$1b” to more than $3.8 billion, which would make up one-third of total professional sport growth in the period. The projection was based on forecast annual growth for all sport of 2.75 per cent over the next 15 years, and allocating a “parity goal” of a 60/40 split of investment between men’s and women’s sport. The study set a starting benchmark valuation of $10.5 billion for “commercialised sport” and projected the growth out to 2032.

However, the report noted that the “[assumption] of reaching a parity target within a sporting generation,” would be unlikely, and revised the estimation to 50% of its goal, which also accounted for some cannibalisation of men’s revenue. The researchers said challenges for the growth of womens sport included, developing the infrastructure for female players, a drop-off in participation, and a crowded grassroots field.

Dinsdale and White also argued that the “glacial pace” of workplace equality and the casualisation of female workers may have led to acceptance of the “part-time nature of elite sportswomen,” and said such an attitude must be overcome.

“Pay equality is a critical factor in motivating girls to aspire to the elite levels of sport. If girls don’t see an opportunity to translate commitment to sport into a profession they will choose other paths that do,” they said.

The report suggested that administrators adopt a “start-up attitude” towards investment and return in women’s sport. “It is time for disruptive, entrepreneurial thinking in the development of women’s sport at all levels… For traditionally male codes this includes an acknowledgement that the core metric is growth, before revenue,” the report stated.


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News from around Australia

New South Wales

Funding For New Nets A Win For Epping Bulls Junior Cricket Club

New Digital Scoreboard To Light Up Old Kings Oval

Concord Giants Kick Off Season As Major Upgrade Of Home Ground Progresses

Northern Territory

Big benefit for sports and jobs in the Red Centre: Budget 2017


$1.5 million for local sports infrastructure planning

South Australia

Barossa and Lower North clubs shine as sports vouchers program helps 100,000 South Australian primary school children (plus 12 other releases saying essentially the same thing for different SA regions).


Boost To Level The Playing Field For Women In Sport

Ballarat’s C.E Brown Reserve Officially Open

Boost for sport and events means more jobs

New Sporting Education Opportunities For Victorian Kids



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