Market Intelligence Surveys and Other Research

Market Intelligence Surveys

The Market Intelligence Surveys collect data from wholesale and retail members of ASGA and other sources and provide subscribers with valuable information about the size and trends of the market in particular categories, including:

* Note the links to each survey above are examples of what data the surveys provide. The data is for example only and is deliberately not accurate. If you want accurate survey data you need to subscribe to them!

The data provided by survey participants is completely confidential and anonymous. The data is collected directly by our market research partner, 10 THOUSAND FEET, and managed securely. No one from ASGA sees the raw data and subscribers only receive aggregated data.

Please note you must become a member to subscribe to the surveys.

All members receive, as part of their membership, the leading Economic Indicators and Participation Trends Report, which collates economic data from a variety of sources to give an overview of macro- and micro-economic conditions in Australia. The report also includes sports participation data, allowing members to gain an in-depth understanding of how Australians participate in sport and engage with physical activity.

ASGA is constantly working with members and other stakeholders to develop other regular Market Intelligence Surveys. We are currently looking at re-instituting a tennis survey, using data from the footwear and apparel surveys to create a football survey and talking with fitness and boxing gear providers about surveys for those categories. If your company has an interest in a particular category and would like to discuss organising a national survey about it please contact us.

Other Research

ASGA also undertakes research into areas of interest for ASGA members and the wider sporting and active lifestyle goods community.

Current Research

Active Wear: Forecasting Future Trends in Female Consumer Behaviour

This $140,000 research project will result in a comprehensive report about the trends in female active wear, consumer sentiment about the category and the future of the category in the Australian marketplace in the next five to 10 years. The report will provide valuable insights to brands, retailers and marketers of female active wear and for companies thinking of moving into that space.


Previous Research

Research Description Year
 Sporting Goods in Australia: an Industry Snapshot 2012 A wide-ranging look at the state of the sporting goods industry in Australia, including economic/industry conditions and an in-depth look at the Australian consumer’s needs and preferences. 2012

The Report linked to above is an old and out-of-date version. If you want access to the latest Report you need to join ASGA.