Industry experts predict future of female active wear

A well-respected group of active wear retail and marketing experts have predicted a strong future for female active wear, in the latest stage of ASGA’s Active Wear: Forecasting future trends in female consumer behaviour research project.

Executive Director of the Australian Sporting Goods Association, Shannon Walker, said “Australian active wear businesses are very fortunate. Through this research, they have the rare opportunity to take advantage of the distilled wisdom and insights from some of Australia’s best active wear marketers and retailers.”

The experts, from companies including Nike, adidas, Stylerunner, Under Armour and Rebel Sport, took part in a Delphi study managed by researchers at Victoria University. Over three in-depth surveys they predicted seven main trends they believe will influence the active wear market in the next five years.

The trends are:

  1. Sports participation trends
  2. Influences of growth in the market
  3. Potential threats
  4. Retail trends
  5. Product Innovation
  6. Modes of communication
  7. Future scenarios

They also looked at four main consumer segments and forecast how important those segments will be to active wear brands and retailers in 2021.

Principal researcher, Associate Professor Clare Hanlon from Victoria University, said “Brands and retailers marketing to women should be aware of how these seven trends will affect the way women make purchasing decisions. Using this research they can tap into those forces as a means of engaging with their current and future female customers.”

The next stage in the $140,000 project is a national survey to understand how female customers make their purchasing decisions, and what language brands can use to entice them.

Active Wear: Forecasting Future Trends in Female Consumer Behaviour, is a $140,000 research project that will result in a comprehensive report about the trends in female active wear, consumer sentiment about the category and the future of the category in the Australian marketplace in the next five years. The report will provide valuable insights to brands, retailers and marketers of female active wear.

Companies interested in subscribing to the research, or finding out more about the project, should call Shannon Walker on 03 9320 2655.

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