AMSI Intern

AMSI Intern LogoIn an unprecedented partnership between the sporting goods industry and the University research sector, the Australian Sporting Goods Association (ASGA) has partnered with AMSI Intern to access high-end quantitative and analytical expertise to benefit our members.

A not-for-profit program based at the University of Melbourne, AMSI Intern is the only national intern program to match sports brands and retailers with PhD students from over 30 Australian universities and government agencies.

Sports brands and retailers can commission research through a risk-free, three to five month project. Your project will be matched with the skillset and expertise of a PhD student, while you’ll also receiving additional specialist knowledge from their academic mentor.

There are many possibilities for ASGA members to work with AMSI Intern on projects vital for the success of their business, including:

  • Optimising your supply chain
  • Analysing customer trends and behaviour
  • Improving marketing > sales pipeline
  • Improving business processes.

AMSI Intern has numerous benefits, including:

  • Three to five month, risk-free, projects
  • IP stays with the business
  • No employment requirements
  • Pre-approved contract
  • Simple and transparent model
  • 96 per cent service satisfaction rating

The partnership between ASGA and AMSI Intern responds to the Government’s new innovation agenda and a clear need within the membership for more research and analytics into business processes and customer retention.

ASGA members should contact Rachel Geddes from AMSI Intern directly by emailing her on or call 0433 488 213.