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The Australian Sporting Goods Association is pleased to announce a new strategic alliance with sourcing, product lifecycle and supply chain management software experts Adjuno.

As part of the new relationship, ASGA members will receive a 10 per cent discount on implementation fees for new projects.

Adjuno specialises in sourcing, product lifecycle and supply chain management solutions for the retail, brands, manufacturers and consumer products industries. With more than 20 years’ experience, Adjuno have a global client base across America, Europe, South Africa, and Australasia, including local brands and retailers such as Rebel Sport, Bunnings, Myer, FCUK and Rays Outdoors.

Adjuno is made up of two former supply chain solutions companies that united to launch as a single, world-wide brand in February 2016. They are part of the $1 Billion+ Allport Cargo Services Logistics Group.

Adjuno software is scalable, allowing clients to select and implement product modules in line with changing business needs. It gives companies of any size the capability to easily collaborate with external partners and manage their complete supply chain with full transparency, maximising efficiency and minimising costs.

A snapshot of Adjuno’s solutions:

Liberty PLM – A Sourcing and Product Lifecycle Management solution that’s used by many retailers and their sourcing offices in Asia. It helps you to source direct from overseas suppliers reducing your lead times and costs. It supports all PLM activities including; planning, designing, briefing, quoting, sample management, factory audits, new SKU creation, ordering, product inspections, shipments, and final delivery.

LIMA Supply Chain Management – A solution that improves visibility and control of purchase orders from initial receipt through to final delivery. It helps you track, measure and analyse your logistics operations and inventory flow for both international and domestic movements of product enabling you to implement cost-saving operational advances.

ERP Modules – Multiple out-of-the-box solutions that easily integrate with your existing ERP solution, or can be used standalone to improve visibility and collaboration with external partners. We have solutions to help with PO Management, Landed Cost Tracking, Factory Audits, Inventory Flow and Vendor Payments. Modules are implemented quickly and are scalable to evolve with your business.

B2B Ecommerce – A multi-faceted platform covering an array of capabilities including; a packaging confirmation tool for vendors (Venpak), a landed cost tracking tool (Lanco), a PO Management tool (Syrrus), a Factory Ethical Auditing tool (Ethiqal), an optimising inventory flow tool (Flow Manager) and a payment release tool (Payven).

CSR – A solution that helps you manage and improve ethical compliance by providing maximum visibility of working conditions throughout your entire supply chain. Track all your factory and supplier audits at every stage in the production process, all the way back to raw material sites such as cotton farms, tanneries and forests.

For more information, please contact:

Paul de Guingand
Solution Design Director
T: +61 03 9377 4720
M: +61 04 5981 9392
Level 2, Suite 1A, 902 Mt Alexander Road
Essendon, Vic 3040