The Australian Sporting Goods Association are Leaders in the Sports Retailers Industry.

Looking to get involved in the Australian Sports Industry? The ASGA are an association that support the sports retailers in Australia and serve the sport Industry.

Sports retailers Australia wide can benefit from associations such as the ASGA, who seek to support industry standards for sporting retailers in Australia.

Australian Retail Association

The ASGA serve Australian Sporting Retailers and seek to nurture and protect the Sports Industry.

Australian Retailers Association

Retailers of Australian sporting goods can rely on the ASGA to protect the industry and greater sporting goods association.

Industry Association

The Australian Sporting Goods Association serves the Industry with services geared towards protecting Sporting Retailers Australia wide.

Retail Association

The Australian Sports Retail Industry relies on associations such as the ASGA for retail support.

Retailers Association

Australian Sporting Retailers can use the ASGA to help sporting retailer associations.

Sporting Goods Association

Sports retailers Australia wide are provided with invaluable knowledge on the workings of the sports retailer industry by the ASGA

Sports Association

An Australian Sports Association such as the ASGA support retailers of Sporting Goods and serve the interests of the sports retail industry.

Sports Industry

The sports industry includes Australian retailers of sporting goods, and requires support from associations such as the ASGA.

Sports Industry Association

The ASGA is an association closely tied with the sports industry that provide services to protect Sporting Retailers throughout Australia.

The Australian Sporting Goods Association serves Sports Retailers
The ASGA specialise in the following:
  • Australian Retail Association
  • Australian Retailers Association
  • Industry Association
  • Retail Association
  • Retail Association
  • Retailers Association
  • Sporting Goods Association
  • Sports Association
  • Sports Industry
  • Sports Industry Association
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Welcome to ASGA - Australian Sporting Goods Association

The Australian Sporting Goods Association (ASGA) was formed in 1981 to act as the 'peak body' representing a broad spectrum of sporting goods and active lifestyle industry participants ranging from manufacturers, importers and wholesalers through to retailers.

ASGA is a leading industry voice on issues impacting the health, trade, regulation and taxation of the sporting and active lifestyle industries. ASGA aims to foster the market growth, provide services and advocate for increased participation in sport and physical activity. ASGA is a leading advocate in the industry and is at the forefront of debate and leads industry opinion.

Membership of ASGA is an investment in your business and in the growth and development of the entire sporting goods and active lifestyle industry. 


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In the February edition of the ASGA Newsletter, I report on the recent ASGA submission to the review of the NSW Retail Leases Act 1994; there's a reminder about the market intelligence surveys; Ian Krawitz from 10 THOUSAND FEET talks about their Sporting Goods Brand Health Survey; ASGA members are More...
In the February 2014 edition of the ASGA Update you'll find articles about the latest business and consumer confidence; the change to PIN-only credit cards; a new anti-obesity campaign by the NSW Government; a report from the USA about trends in team sports; the Victorian Government's Streetlife More...
In the December 2013 edition of the ASGA Update you'll find articles about Australians failing to exercise enough; how to register for an overseas trade delegation; the WA Government's study into the sports and recreation sector's workforce; assistance from the Fair Work Ombudsman and a More...


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